In Bracknell Forest we are blessed with excellent parks and greenspaces to walk in. We also have a great network of paths, many away from traffic, to help you get around the borough. So whether you are walking as part of a group, with family or friends, by yourself, or walking to work or the shops, this site has some useful information and advice, including:

  • find places to walk in your local area
  • learn more about how walking can change your life
  • join a local led walk
  • find a walking group
  • find ways to fit walking into your life in a way that suits you


Self-directed walks There are lots of great places to discover in Bracknell Forest. For a range of walks, with maps to guide you, visit the Council’s…
Health guidance suggests that you should aim for 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise, in bursts of 10 minutes or more to get your heart rate up.…
Feel better Walking helps you to feel better by releasing endorphins in your brain. It can also help you to de-stress. Walking by yourself is a great…