Air quality

Air pollution is caused by natural and man-made particles and gases. Substances like pollen or emissions from industry, vehicles, buildings or agricultural chemicals and sprays can all contribute to pollution in the air.

Air pollution can affect our health which is why the government requires councils in all areas to monitor pollution levels.

We believe that all of us can have an impact on the quality of the air we breathe, by using more sustainable travel options and also by encouraging others to be aware how simple changes can make a big difference to the air that we breath.

On the road:

  • When queuing or waiting at a level crossing, turn your engine off to save fuel and emissions
  • Leave the car at home for short journeys.
  • If you don’t use the car very often or need an occasional second car, consider joining a car club
  • Consider buying a low emission vehicle. 
  • If a low emission vehicle isn't right for you, choose a petrol engine over diesel, as they generally produce less nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter.
  • Investigate car sharing schemes, such as Lift Share, this will not only reduce the number of cars on the road helping ease congestion and air pollution but it will also save you money. Car sharing websites allow you to input journeys in a variety of ways so you can use it for one off or regular trips.
  • Work at home or start later to avoid peak traffic if you can.  This will reduce your exposure, contribute to reducing congestion and save you money on fuel.
  • Get your car serviced regularly and check tyre pressure, this will save you fuel too.
  • Drive efficiently, it can save you fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle, both of which can help reduce pollution.

At home:

  • Service your central heating boiler regularly, it will be more efficient and burn less fuel.
  • Switch from open fires to stoves, making sure to burn the right fuel type for the appliance and area you live in.
  • Avoid bonfires as this adds to particulate matter. Make use of green recycling schemes for hedge trimmings, leaves, grass clippings, small branches and prunings.
  • Recycle - the more we recycle, the lower landfill emissions.
    Conserve energy - the less we use, the less pollution is emitted from energy production.